Electronic voting you can trust.
Keep your elections and voting as secure and foolproof as possible.
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What we DO
Auditable and Secure Online Voting Solution

Who we are

ONLZ's team is made up of an array of talents. Industry experts in cryptography, cloud solutions, blockchain applications, IT security, voting management systems and more. We assembled the perfect crew to provide you the best in class evoting solution for private elections, designed from the heard of Europe.

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What we do

We provide efficient and transparent elections using our evoting solution based on the highest level of security and transparency standards.
We leverage blockchain technology concepts of integrity and auditability to your private elections.

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Don't trust the election organizer. Verify.
Today, elections are a too sensible topic to leave it up to someone else. Even for private elections like Labour Union Elections, University Elections or Shareholder Meetings.
Use ONLZ, and bring transparency and fairness to your voting process.
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