Secure e-voting for online elections
Take advantage of blockchain technology to ensure that your voting processes are as secure as possible.

Elections are a key corner stone in our current open societies : for Labor Union Elections, political Party Elections, University Elections, Shareholder Meetings or Business Referendums & Consultations.

At ONLZ, we wanted to allow you to create an election for your school or organization in seconds. Your voters can vote from any location on any device, be sure their vote is taken into account, and stay 100% anonymous. Even ONLZ is not aware of what users voted for. That's the beauty of the cryptographic voting system we implemented, based on ablockchain solution.

What we are best at

Our Online Voting System

SaaS or in premise
You can use our fully-secured online platform (Software as a Service) to run your election process. In house or private cloud hosting approaches are also possible. Remote voting increase your participation rate.
The voter choice is encrypted in his local devise, before being sent anonymously to the voting platform. There is no way to retrieve who voted for who, as the link between the vote and the voters are never stored.
Votes are stored using a blockchain principle, making it obvious if any external party, including ONLZ, modify a ballot, or erase voting data.
We reengineered completely the election process, moving the eligibility phase after the casting of the vote to ensure full privacy and transparency.
Voters or Trade Unions can check themself, at the end of the election, that all ballots have been correctly taken into account, without knowing the vote itself. It brings back trust to your elections.
Coercion resistant
Coercion resistance may be regarded as an extension of the basic property of privacy. Privacy in an election system is defined in terms of an adversary that cannot interact with voters during the election process.
Don't trust the election organizer. Verify.
Today, elections are a too sensible topic to leave it up to someone else. Even for private elections like Labour Union Elections, University Elections or Shareholder Meetings.
Use ONLZ, and bring transparency and fairness to your voting process.
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