What do you need to run an election online?

February 21, 2019

Get your data ready!

Running a private election is quite simple once you have the right software and you know the basic informations.


The first think you need to consider is when do you plan to run the election and for how long. In other terms, a start date with a time, and an end date. It can be for instance Wednesday March 16th, from 8 AM to 7 PM.

if your employee or voters are part of an international opriganisation, do consider the timezones and the impact of the ability to vote for some voters.


Who will be invited to join the online vote?

The minimum you should prepare is a list of voters with their voter number (if it exists). if you opt in for email invitation, you might need to collect first names and last names, on top of the emails, as they are a great information to personalize the invitation emails, but are not mandatory.

For what?

How many times each voters can vote? Depending of your needs, you might want to have several electronic ballot boxes. List them, and assigne each voters to at least one of them.\

Voting for who?

Each polling station (or ballot box) is meant to vote for candidates. Candidates can be grouped by lists, and can just be independent candidates, depending of your vote. Do you use lists? Or each voters is rea=quired to votes for names only?

For each polling station, prepared the candidates you want to link with those polling stations.

Sometimes, voters can select several candidates or lists during the voting process. Document it also. If the ballot should respect some rules (like at least 1 woman, or maximum 5 candidates can be selected, or at least 1 candidate per region ...) document it clearly.

Initiate the evoting solution!

Once you data are ready, contact ONLZ to get up and running in no time. Our dedicated team will ensure your election is efficient and anonymous.

Don't trust the election organizer. Verify.
Today, elections are a too sensible topic to leave it up to someone else. Even for private elections like Labour Union Elections, University Elections or Shareholder Meetings.
Use ONLZ, and bring transparency and fairness to your voting process.
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